2018 Events
(Updated 04/12/2017)
1st Jan 2018
New year's Day Fly-in
8th Apr 2018
Jodel Club Fly-in
5th/6th May 2018
Microlight Trade Fair & Fly-in
7th May 2018
13th May 2018
Vans RV Fly-in
10th Jun 2018
Beagle Aircraft Fly-in
8th Jul 2018
CZAW Sportcruiser Fly-in
8th Aug 2018
Starlight Day.  N.B. This is NOT a fly-in, it is invitation only for Starlight families and their children.  Volunteer pilot information will appear here nearer the time.
12th Aug 2018
Motorcycle Megameet, Jumble, & Fly-in
9th Sep 2018
Auster Fly-in
23rd Sep 2018
Solent Aviation Society Fly-in
14th Oct 2018
End of Season Fly-in

Remember - Spitfire Club  Members showing their card have free entrance to chargeable events!

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