Web Cam Setup

Web Cam Setup

Please note:  The following settings should be a "one-time" only however some Windows Updates sometimes drop the settings so you may have to go through the setup again to make sure you are using the Quicktime Stream.

To set up your PC for the web cam:

Click on the Popham Web Cam button to initially view the web cam window.

Click on "Login" at the top right corner of the window: the UserID is "guest" and the Password is "guest" (both  lower case).

Dependent on your computer, you may be asked to allow a Quicktime "add-in" to run.  Set this to "always allow" if you can.  Again, dependent on your computer, you should then see the web cam window titled "Sarix".  If there is no picture then wait until the lower left corner of the camera display shows "Primary Stream". Click on the square Tool icon to the left of the "P" of "Primary" and in the next screen select "Quickview Stream".  You should then get the correct picture!

This is a one-time set-up change and you should not have to go through the setup in future but see the warning at the top of this page.
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