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Welcome to Popham Airfield

Whether you are a spectator or an aviator, everyone is invited to share our venue.

N.B. Popham Web Site is changing! 

Please bear with us.  Temporarily the web site will now show a limited number of tabs while we investigate simplifying the structure and moving to a more modern updated presentation with links to Social Media.  Suggestions are welcome (but will not necessarily be acted upon!) 

The Manager's decision is final!

Please click this link to view the Popham Advisory Weather gauges.

Latest news as of: Thursday, 14 September 2017 20:39

Lasham Neighbours Open Day Invitation!! 

Date – Saturday 23rd September from 0900 to 1700

Arrivals – between 0900 and 1030.  As you may guess, wire winch launching a glider poses a potentially dangerous hazard to GA aircraft, so winch operations may be stopped for the arrival timeslot.

Departures – anytime daylight, operating on 131.025.

Landing fee – None.  You are welcome visitors

Briefing Sheets – to be circulated nearer to the time. 

Popham Airfield Operating Hours 08:30 – 17:00 (Or 30 minutes before sunset whichever is the earliest).

Popham Café – Sat/Sun normal opening hours Mon/Tue and Fri open 10:00-15:00 limited menus. There may possibly be no service Wednesday and Thursday but Tea and Coffee, Biscuits will be available via the radio desk.

Popham is the home of the Spitfire Flying Club which has over 400 members.  The Club name is retained in memory of Charles Church who owned several Spitfires and whose family still own the airfield.  We have 100+ aircraft based here, ranging from Microlights to ex-Russian fighter trainers.  Wiltshire Aircraft Maintenance have full workshop facilities on site and Airbourne Aviation offer Microlight pilot training in addition to "Air Experience" flights.  

There are many aircraft groups based on the airfield offering cheap flying, usually for a monthly fee and a reasonable hourly rate.    We are a certified ATO for EASA continuation training and we specialise in revalidations, renewals after lapse, UK introductions for foreign PPLs and some IMC training (see "Instructors").  Popham is also the only airfield in the UK currently specialising in South African PPL renewals and revalidation services from a resident flight examiner - see http://www.higherplane.co.uk

Membership  Full membership is available is for all the pilots who make use of the flying facilities here.  There is also a Social membership which is intended for those people who have an interest in aircraft and wish to feel part of the place or just want to attend the regular events held throughout the year.

Popham is also "Motor Cycle" friendly and our own Cafeteria is often used by bikers out for a spin.  Additionally our members have their own "mini-airfield" within our grounds for radio controlled model aircraft flying.

Over the years, we have become one of the most popular recreational airfields in the south of England.  Feel free to browse these pages as it is our intention to promote your enjoyment of our unique Hampshire aerodrome.

Events are held regularly throughout the year and on those days (weather depending!) the airfield can become extremely busy.  These days are mostly free for the general public and visiting aircraft but there are a couple of special events (such as the Microlight Trade Fair and the Aero / Auto Jumbles) where entrance and landing fees will apply.

N.B. 2015 Microlight Trade Fair procedures will be published nearer the time.

The general public are welcome to call into the airfield any day during operating hours to have a cup of tea or coffee and watch the aircraft flying.  The airfield is open daily, except 24th and 25th December, throughout the year 08:00 - 17:00 in the summer, and 08:30 - 16:30 (or sunset if earlier) in the winter!  Aircraft may fly outside these hours only with by prior arrangement with the Manager.

Look out continually for aircraft landing/taking off/taxiing and remember - NO SMOKING when around the planes.

There are rules of course, but these are generally common sense - dogs are welcome but must ALWAYS be kept on a lead.  Visitors should not touch the aircraft, especially propellers which can bite! 

In any case, if a visitor wishes to wander around or take photographs, we ask that they pop in to the clubroom for any current advice from ATC.


The opinions of Popham Airfield or its members which are expressed or recommended on this or any other linked pages are not necessarily those of  Charles Church Spitfires Ltd. and should not be construed as such.  Any advice is given in good faith but it is ultimately the responsibility of the individual to adopt sensible aviation practices.  Persons moving Airside (viz. outside the fenced areas) do so entirely at their own risk.





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