Membership Information

We offer a number of membership options at Popham Airfield depending on whether you fly regularly or you wish to be part of our active social scene.  There are also additional benefits from local business partners.

It is important to remember that if you fly at Popham and you:
  • Individually own an aircraft
  • Are a member of a Group aircraft
  • Fly with Airbourne Aviation
  • Fly Gyros
  • Fly Models
  • Fly Drones 
You must hold current, fully paid up membership of the Spitfire Flying Club.

All paid up membership cards are available for collection from the ATC desk (if you ain't paid it ain't there)!  

Members are eligible for free entry to any chargeable events (on production of their membership card!)

Membership forms are available from the ATC Desk, or from here.

The membership period runs from 1st January 2018 until 31st December 2018 and is available for Full, Social, Aeromodeller, and Drone categories.  There is an initial joining admin fee of £20.  A partial membership discount will be given for a mid-year application (POA).
  • Full membership is for pilots who make use of the flying facilities.  This category also allows free landings in any aircraft (2018 cost £160 full, £115.00 OAP over 65).
  • Social membership is for those people who have an interest in aircraft and wish to feel part of the place or just want to attend the regular events held throughout the year (2018 cost £58).
  •  Aeromodeller and Drone Zone membership is for those people who wish to fly their models in the back field (2018 cost £75.00).  Note: Drone Zone basic "Arrive and Fly" may be obtained at a Daily Rate of £20.00
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